Road trip across America: East coast to West coast in English / Отчёты об автопутешествиях / Автотуристу.РУ - автопутешествия и автотуризм: отчёты, трассы и дороги, в Европу на машине, прокладка маршрута! 



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Road trip across America: East coast to West coast in English

Road trip across America: East coast to West coast
the date of the trip: from the 16 of August to the 7 of September 2014
a car Dodge Caravan Grand
mileage 10800 kilometers, 9500 track,1300 parks, beaches, cities, etc.

Our route was through 20 states and all the most interesting places in the USA
The idea of the route came to me not by itself,it came to me from my colleagues at work,after that I thought it out and I did it.
There were 4 of us, the couple who had their honeymoon, Anton and me, Sergey
The route had been thought out very well, the coordinates of all hotels and almost all places had been saved on the navigator,which was our indispensable friend throughout on our trip across the USA. For the preparation for our trip I had used the following websites: for
reservation of hotels which let us down 3 times, but all everything that happens in life,happens for the better,I will tell you about it later…
This website was used for our route: and for useful information, the coordinates and
the list of places which we have visited the following websites were used: и
It never let us down.
The plane tickets had been purchased last fall in advance by the half of our tour group ( Anton and me)
and before we got a visa, we were sure that we would get it! If you aren't sure nothing happens, I'm always sure and everything is constantly all right!) always turns out!)The visa was also received in advance in January. We had prepared the documents by ourselves and had no problems. At all we had booked our car one month before our trip. We had booked the Dodge Caravan Grand car, we didn’t have any problems with our car during our trip,It was our home for 21 days
When I returned our car nobody looked at it,although I had been driving on handbrake 20 km from the hotel to the airport) Apparently everybody could feel the smell of burnt 10 meters around the car)
) Everything had been thought out very well for our trip and I think I had spent not one day on it
I want to start my story:
1st day we fly from Moscow to New York with the transfer in Helsinki for 40 minutes,everything is all right, but when we arrive in New York,we lose about 15 minutes at the custom area, thanks to one of the customs Afro American officers named Best.
(when we were waiting for our luggage and were looking for the right terminal we missed our flight to Miami)
(but thanks to Alex and Helen and Delta Airlines)) their flight was delayed in Moscow, we got the 2 rooms in the hotel for 15000 rubles and the plane tickets to next flight, we have got everything free!Our next flight will be only tomorrow morning for it we need this hotel:

we lost one day in Miami because of this
2th day we rent a car at the Miami airport. We rented a Dodge Caravan Grand car in the Dollar company and went to the hotel:
We drive around the city and buy plenty of things in the shops called Marshall and Walmart after that we drive to the hotel to relax)
After this day we have a rest on the embankment and in the hotel after our flights

3th day early in the morning we go to the Miami Airport to rent a car there. I want to say about it that it cost us 4,500 rubles for one day and for 4 people.

we go to Key West in our Mustang, The distance is 260 km from Miami to Key West

we go over Seven Mile Bridge:

The most terrible road rule breakage is to go on when a school bus stops and children go out.
It stops where it wants, when wants and as it wants. I recommend not to go behind it) We were lucky. This bus lleft the road very soon)

Ernest Hemingway's house

I'd never swum in such warm water before,you don’t know what is warmer the water or the air....It's approximately 30-35 degrees

We often fried BBQ on the beaches or near them when it was possible and legal. By evening we go t back to Miami to OCEAN DR

4th day in the morning we had a ride around Miami

Star Island
This area isn't our Ruble area where there are concrete fences through which you no nothing here nearly all the fences are transparent but some of them cant ever have closed gates

But of course the main attraction place is Miami Beach in Miami

After Miami we go towards Washington. The distance is 1270 km. Our hotel is located close to Washington

On the way we visited the coffee and we really wanted to eat soup but instead of soup we got it)
I don’t know what I can name it) It is the crisps with sauce.
кафэшка Hooters
It's called Hooters. There are many beautiful girls with big tits. That's all but food there is bullshit.
Our hotel: отель:
5th day the distance 200 km to Washington
American roads

If I say that American roads are good It won’t be true because the system of roads and their quality is perfect!
By the way the legal speed mode on the highways is from 65 to 80 miles, We exceeded it by 15-20 miles. All the time we were never stopped)) Most of American drivers drive the same way)
We took a photo near the White house with Putinka vodka and Sevastopol cognac on the background of the White house

Lincoln and his memorial


the school bus parking)

It was raining heavily outside when we were leaving Washington and It was a rush hour and there were many traffic jams. We saw that person on the bicycle))) I don't envy him)

Our hotel 200 km apart from New York
6th day we leave that hotel at 4:00 a.m. And go to New York. The distance is 200 km. At 6:00 a.m. We are in New York. We found the free parking near the ferry to Manhattan purely by chance.

There is a great view of the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island Immigration Museum, USA


the bull on Wall Street

St. Patrick's Cathedral

the view from Brooklyn Bridge

the Brooklyn Bridge

we are sailing back on the ferry to our car and walk to the place that we couldn’t visit in New York) It's called Brighton Beach according to Russian wikipedia about 70 or 80 thousand mostly Jews from Russia and Ukraine live there.

It is only my personal opinion and impression about the Brighton that the people who live there are like zombies because no one wanted to tell me about their background and how they had got here. They said to me that they don’t have time to speak about it or they have to work. They only told me about tourist attractions in that area…
The time came and we had some nasty things. They concerned our the hotels. Overall we had 3 the same nasty things with our hotels. I had heard about the nasty things that American government does before ..For example your credit card which was made in Russia may not work when you visit the USA of Europe..We had another problem. We had booked all our hotels in Russia but when we reached the hotel in New York the receptionist told us something like we don’t have any reservation and he or she I don’t remember prefered smbd else to us. We had 3 the same problems in the USA. Although I had had these reservation on website booking and the letters too! I showed to the receptionist it but they told us that they could do nothing about it… Everything was all right because in all these hotels where were vacant room and we didn’t have to look for other hotels. Go to Times Square to hang out.

we took the photo with the local police for memory)

7th day in the morning we visit in the center of New York City to visit the museum of sex, to see Central Park and buy a couple of phones

then we go to Niagara Falls 660 km, on the road we visit one village. It’s called Moscow)

we get to Niagara Falls in the dark

the hotel

8th day we go to the Cedar Point park 260 km. It is an excellent park of attractions!!!
If you are somewhere in Chicago or at Niagara Falls you must visit this is the coolest place!
It's almost located between Niagara and Chicago

you can search many videos about these attractions by your browser ...type in your search engine:
Millennium Force@Cedar Point or Cedar Point 2007 — YouTube you will know about it…

We rode only 5 attractions in one day, the last 2 were very cool! I think we had enough for a couple of years in advance anyway))
the hotel
9th day we go to Chicago 260 km

Chicago is one of those cities which I liked most. I would say that it's my favorite city in the USA. I will be back here)Chicago isn’t as noisy and huge as New York but the atmosphere here is comfortable and calm you should be here to feel it! Better skyscrapers than other cities in the USA are located In Chicago. They are all very different,beautiful and interesting.
There are many interesting places that you can visit and to see.
I try to do everything in my life but I understand it isn’t real to do everything)but most of the most beautiful places we have seen.
The hotel

after visiting Millennium park we go to 103 floor of Willis Tower

the view is unbelievable

the glass floor on the glass balcony is cool)

my friend Alex

There is an excursion along the river with astonishing views these skyscrapers....Anton took this excursion but we went for a walk around the city

Alex remembers that embankment very well)because when we were drinking one bottle of whiskey one policeman came up to us and politely asked us not to drink here and he smiled to at us and he left us))
country is for the people!

10th day in the morning we go further towards Mount Rushmore and we ride again around Chicago

On the road we saw some bikers with inscription the veterans of Vietnam on back

One of them is in charge of alcohol which he has in his trunk

This day and the following two we have 3 large moves through almost all the country 1450 кm 1000 km and 940 km. We get into the heavy rain but we go without stopping) Russian people don’t give up)

We were going all day long but we saw nothing but when we sow the sign-palace of corn we decided to visit that place. Corn in the USA is the national wealth everything is made of it and it grows everywhere)

Even all walls were made of corn in that palace)


This is our car-house which has everything for life)

11th day early in the morning we visited Mount Rushmore and we managed to visit the paid parking free near Rushmore) coordinates 43.878944, -103.459378

I had seen that place in some films I thought it's much bigger)
we took the overall photo and went further

there is the motorcycle which was made ​​from wood

There are few bears in Russia,though we look at them they are able to climb trees

After Mount Rushmore the road is getting more beautiful and more beautiful sceneries appear

my rest)

By the way I didn’t like American whiskey but I liked American beer particularly Corona, Budweiser and Miller
There are many abandoned oil-producing plants

Yellowstone National Park 44.666667, -110.5 You need a car to move around such parks as Yellowstone or sequoia.. They are huge! Plenty of dead trees there…

We met with many bisons,elks and other animals. Bisons are quite insolented they walk alone the road as it they are at home…

I have heard the information that the Yellowstone park stands on the hidden largest underground volcano no no one knows when it explodes…

It is the most famous geyser that erupts according to timetable ± 20 minutes when we got to it,it had already erupted. We waited for the next eruption for about 1 hour and a half and the weather was very cold due to it we were cold when it happens. It was so dark and our cameras didn’t take any photos
We fried BBQ in that park and then went to our hotel
12th day we go to the Grand Canyon on the way we visit the bird park. We weren’t interested in birds. We have met there with Diana Vos who works there she was so kind to us and she allowed us to fry BBQ in that park))

On the way to the Grand Canyon we saw this road which was closed( a person who worked there said to us that there was the earthquake in California and road had fallen underground. My navigator Navigon the USA even knew another road through the desert)

13th day the hotel near the Grand Canyon
in the morning we came to the Grand Canyon

I cant show you all the beauty of that place you should be here to see all that beauty after visiting the park we fried BBQ we ofter eat BBQ in the USA but in big cities we eat in China Town it inst expensive but it is very tasty.
We ate at many other cafes such as MacDonald and other similar cafes on the road when we had long moves because we didn’t have any BBQ on the road and cafes with good and healthy food.
I can safely say that the same cafes in our country are tastier! I think American companies earn huge money by feeding that food to American people…

We had wanted to visit the bridge with a glass floor Grand Canyon Skywalk and Hoover Dam 36.015556, -114.737778 but when we learnt that Indian people don’t allow to take photos there, it costs about 95 dollars and we will look at that bridge in the dark we decided not to visit it. We visited Hoover Dam another day. When we got to Vegas we walked a couple of hours and went to sleep.

the hotel Лас-Вегасе:
14th day Las Vegas is the city where people hang out,do that whey want and spend money. Ordinary people, most beautiful and rich come here from around the world.
Hotels aren’t expensive here but are very good,money is made on Slot machines and casino and casinos! Slot machines are everywhere there, in all halls corridors,pedestrian crossings even I was sitting at the bar I saw a slot machine under my arms) all day long the same lighting and musicis supposed. There is no clocks and wi-fi, all attention you have to concentrate on spending money. You can drink everywhere in Vegas)You shouldn’t fall asleep at slot machines after that owner of casino can call police as you bother other people who play here. When you play for a long time you will be able to get free alcohol and I think many other bonuses. I saw one person at the slot machine. When we were leaving our hotel he was sitting at the slot machine when we came back to the hotel he was still there. 8 hours passed) I'm not a gamble person and my friends as well. I spent 20 American dollars in the casino and a few dollars at the slot machines. Anton was lucky he won approximately 40 dollars at slot machines. Las Vegas is one big long street about 8-10 km. All the coolest places and hotels are located on this street. Our hotel is the Stratosphere Tower, There are located if not the highest but one of the highest attractions in the world and SkyJump with height 253m. I jumped of course but it was so scary)

in the morning we go to dam Gulliver

Anton really like that place)))we fried BBQ there

Tower Stratosphere is located near our hotel. There are about 2500 rooms there…

On the viewpoint of Stratosphere

The photo with us on the attraction Insanity the Ride

You can drink everywhere in Las Vegas and near the police car as well)You won't have any problems after that)

15th day in the morning we saw Las Vegas again when it was light after that we went to LA across Death Valley 36.246944, -116.816944 the distance is about 500 km

Death Valley

On the road we wanted to visit Disneyland Park in Anaheim 33.811111, -117.918889 but after visiting Cedar Point we decided not to visit it because Cedar Point is far cooler and we had enough to ride for the next few years)))
the hotel
we stayed in that hotel for the next 4 days
16,17,18,19 LA
16th day we went to Citadel outlet which is located in LA and it's one of the best outlets in LA and in California
You need minimum 6 hours there anyway! The great website of outlets in the world:
After visiting this outlet we go to the Laguna beach. One my friend from the USA had recommended
it to me but it was an ordinary beach with a lot of algae and the water wasn’t clean but we met Kohl's wife on the beach

17th day Anton went to Universal studios hollywood and we went to the beach for a whole day…

He said to us that he had liked it. We went to hang out to Santa Monica beach

It was made for people they follow the rules when they drive if we had it in Russia our people would throw it out or concrete it)

in the evening we went to around LA and to saw the avenue of stars and some other things. There are thousands of stars there but the most famous stars are situated in the center of stars and practically they are located near each other. Each person can establish a star for themselves but you have to pay 25000S for it.

At last I found the star of my favorite actor

Johnny Depp

18th day we went for a walk around the city then to the beach Malibu. We didn’t see Pamela Anderson that day
ranch La Brea asphalt lake
There are only some the same places in the world sometimes that lake boils

Hollywood-plate,area and Universal studios that’s all)

local parking

the Beverly hills area is very expensive area in LA

We had a very funny moment in Hollywood area, when American people were taking the photos near plate Hollywood I decided to take photos as well.I had taken the Russian flag and took the photos after that they asked me whose flag it was)

the road в Malibu

The beach is good but the weather isn’t as hot as on all the coasts of the Pacific Ocean and a there are many surfers.

19th day

Queen mary is vey similar to Titanic

There is a USSR submarine near this ship

Sunset Beach beach

19th day Sequoia National park 36.433333, -118.683333 and San Francisco all distance is about 800 km

the gas-station which was built in the dinosaurs time)

the sequoia has fallen

At last I fed the bear cone from sequoia,the size of cone is approximately 15 our cones from firs. Then we took the photo on the background of the bear

We fried BBQ in the park sequoia after that we go to San Francisco only by night we reached San Francisco
the hotel:
the parking and wi-fi are free!
21th day San Francisco
We had wanted to see Alcatraz prison where Al Capone had set but unfortunately we couldn’t see that place.
The security guard said to us we had to book tickets 3 days in advance but we didn’t know it or come here tomorrow at 6:00 a.m. Every morning you can buy extra 100 tickets we would buy them tomorrow morning but we were leaving the USA at 6:45 a.m.

The restaurant which can float) the Island Restaurant

the view of Alcatraz prison from coast

seals on the embankment

working as like a firefighter is very prestigious in the USA. Helen remembers that place very well)

Golden Bridge

There is a stupendous beach near Golden Bridge. It's called Baker Beach but the weather was so cold that the people on the beach are wearing hats

There is the same area in San Francisco as Brighton Beach in New York. Many Russian people live there as well as immigrants from the USSR but there are fewer people here than in Brighton.

Alex and Helen are leaving the USA today at 11:00 p.m. We go to the airport with them. On the way to the airport we come past the viewpoint and a gay village) This is the largest gay village in the world but we go past it)

22th day It is 2:00 a.m. We are leaving the hotel and going to the airport. At 6:45 a.m. we are leaving the USA. Our last evening the parking worker parked our car but he put it on handbrake. It's location was a mystery for us for 21 days)At last we got to the airport on the handbrake but our wheels almost smoked)
When we returned our car nobody looked at it) We returned the key and said bye bye to the USA.
At the airport we met one very positive woman at the registration and she offered us to send our suitcases direct flight at once to Moscow. We agreed of course) We had 2 transfers in New York and Helsinki. We knew the airport Kennedy very well…
We spent plenty of time there when we were flying to Miami. Now we didn’t have any problems at the airport before we took the plane( Our plane was one hour delayed so we were later for our flight to Helsinki. In total we spent 30 hours on the way from the hotel in San Fransisco. The way home was very tiring…
I would like to write the total of our trip:
The trip was unbelievable. I think not so many people have taken such trips. I have a great friend in the USA,Her name is Linda, She has taken similar trips around the USA. Her trips are simpler,though.
We went 10800 km( 6750 miles)
on the track 9500 km, around the parks,the beaches and the cities are left 1300 km
The road system in the USA is very well developed. Consequently, the roads themselves are as good as it.
We had a couple of times in traffic jams but our traffic jams are worse. Parking in the cities is paid. Sometimes you have to spend a lot of time to find free space for parking. Sometimes we spent one hour and more to find a space parking. We did everything had planed and the trip was awesome and we got plenty of emotions…

I think a lot of people want to know how much money it cost us)Financial issue:

car rental cost 75000(2050 American dollars) rubles for 22 days a car was Dodge Caravan Grand. It was taken at Dollar company
petrol+all parking+paid roads( There are more paid roads in Europe than in the USA)
approximately 48000 rubles(1310 American dollars for our car!
The return flights Moscow-New York and other flights New York- Miami and San Francisco- new York 37000 rubles(1010 American dollars for one person)
a visa 5500 rubles a person. We got them by ourselves

food approximately 20S a day and alcohol in total: 20000 rubles(545 American dollars a person)
the excursions, rent a mustang car and attractions in Las Vegas and Cedar Point about 10000 rubles(270 American dollars a person)
the hotels were 27000 rubles(736 American dollars a person)
souvenirs,clothes and presents are personal expenses)
We spent about 130000 rubles(3540 American dollars a person) without expenses on clothes an souvenirs.
Thanks for the attention! Everyone has mistakes and disadvantages)))It was my first block in English language.
I don’t read comments. If you have normal questions,write to me I will answer you when I have time. My mail is:
I'm going to visit Australia, New Zealand, Brazil and the GB very soon if you have any interesting offers,write to me maybe we will go on the next trip together.
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